"I wish that all chiropractors could take in this basic principle of our science-that too much or not enough energy is disease".  D.D. Palmer

D.D. Palmer

The premise that the movement of spinal vertebra could reduce pain in the spine and improve function of the body is not new. Pictures showing spinal manipulation were found in caves and date back to 17,500 B.C.. Ancient American Indian hieroglyphics also indicated that crude forms of manipulation of the spine were used.

D.D. Palmer founded a more specific approach, the adjustment. An adjustment involves moving a specific bone using various portions of the vertebra as levers. The vertebra involved in the adjustment is thought to be subluxated. The founding father's first adjustment was performed on Harvey Lillard, a deaf janitor. D.D. Palmer adjusted the man and his hearing was restored.

Today the modern chiropractor determines where there is nerve interference through palpation, instrumentation, x-ray, and muscle testing.  During the adjustment the area of nerve interference is released.  Innate or the body's own healing ability is released and healing begins. Innate finishes what the Chiropractor begins. There is an emphasis in Chiropractic towards finding the cause of disease rather than treating just the  symptoms. Taking medication can cover up the problem but not necessarily cure it. 

The chiropractor also takes into account what spinal nerves could be responsible for certain ailment using nerve charts.