The following insurance companies are common to the capital district region of New York State. To obtain more information call the number on your card or contact me.

  1. CDPHP
    CDPHP usually requires and MD referral. Exceptions occur with some employer groups such as GE Plastics. A new referral should be obtained with the onset of each new condition.
  2. Empire Plan
    Empire Plan's Chiropractic program is run by a group called MPN. No MD referral is necessary but a treatment plan is required. This is submitted by the Chiropractor at the first visit.
  3. Blue Shield of North Eastern New York
    There is no MD referral required. This chiropractic plan is run by a group called Prism. Visits are based on medical necessity. Chiropractic for those with Family Health Plus is not covered.
  4. GHI
    GHI requires no referral. I do not participate with the HMO and have no information regarding this plan.
  5. United Health Care (Railroad Division)
    This plan requires no referral to docs who participate with the plan. Care is based on medical necessity.
  6. Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
    The PPO's usually require no MD referral. The HMO's usually require a referral. Exceptions to this rule do occur so it is best to call.
  7. Motor Vehicle accidents
    Chiropractic care is usually covered in automobile accidents. No MD referral is usually required.
  8. Workers Compensation
    No MD referral is usually required. The injured employee must file a report with their employer in order to receive benefits.
  9. Medicare
    Medicare is covered with respect to Chiropractic care. A deductible needs to be met.
  10. Medicaid
    Chiropractic care is not covered by medicaid