1. Is Chiropractic care covered by my insurance?
    In the State of New York chiropractic is covered by most insurance groups. It is not covered by any programs such as medicaid or family health plus. It is covered by medicare for the elderly.
  2. Will the treatment hurt?
    If you are in severe pain the adjustment will hurt somewhat. Usually it doesn't hurt. The adjustment is always done to the patient's tolerance.Each patient has a different tolerance for pain. This is where communication with the doctor is important. If it hurts say so.
  3. Do I need x-rays?
    X-rays need to be done in cases of trauma. For instance in automobile accidents x-rays are usually performed because of the high forces involved in the injury.
  4. Do I have to keep going back to the Chiropractor over and over again?
    Patient's tend to go less frequently to the Chiropractor with time. This is because they begin to heal and need less care. Some people like to go to the Chiropractor for maintenance because it makes them feel good. This type of maintenance care is not covered by insurance.
  5. How long does Chiropractic care take to produce a reduction in symptoms?
    For the average strain/sprain injury I believe the average is 6-8 visits. For any kind of radiation such as sciatica it can take as many as 12 visits. Most patients even with sciatica seem to notice a difference after 3 visits. You may not be totally well but you know that something happened.
  6. Is it normal to be sore after an alignment or adjustment?
    Yes. It is especially true after a firmer adjustment. The soft adjustment may take longer but usually do not produce the soreness that a firm adjustment does. The firmer adjustments may produce a soreness but the pain is usually greatly reduced after the soreness goes away. A correction has been made but the adjustment can cause temporary inflammation.
If there are more questions please contact Dr. Pena.