The following is a chart of the relationship between the vertebra and some common ailments.
Chart of the Nervous System
vertebral level common ailments
C1 Headaches,nervousness, High blood pressure
C2 sinus problems
C3 pain in the teeth
C4 hearing problems
C5 problems with the throat
C6 stiff neck
C7 colds
T1 breathing ailments
T2 heart conditions
T3 Lung problems
T4 Gallbladder problems
T5 Liver problems
T6 Stomach problems
T7 Pancreas & assoc problems
T8 Spleen & assoc. problems
T9 Adrenal ailments such as allergies
T10 Kidney problems
T11 Skin problems
T12 gas pains
L1 Constipation
L2 Cramps
L3 Bladder and Menstrual problems
L4 Sciatica
L5 weak legs and cramps